Olive oil is a typical product of the Valdarno slope of Pratomagno since the eighteenth century, when the hillsides below the road Setteponti were planted with olive trees. In these areas there is a very favorable climate, thanks to the good sun exposure. Casarotta in particular is located in a microarea locally known as the “Conca d’Oro” (the Golden Basin) for its microclimate, which allows us to produce a high quality extra virgin olive oil.

At agricola Conca d’Oro we still hand pick all the olives and we produce (in limited quantities) a high-quality extra virgin organic olive oil (tuscan EVO) that is characterized by extremely low acidity, with a fruity aroma and artichoke notes, and slightly more delicate than many other tuscan oils, so it can be used as a condiment for most delicate dishes such as grilled meats, fish, and all dishes of Mediterranean cuisine.

It’s great, always raw, on vegetables, salads, dips, but it is the perfect “finishing touch” to all tuscan soups, both in the winter (when it is still “green” and slightly spicy) and in the summer (when its flavor becomes more harmonious and delicate): ribollita, frantoiana, pappa al pomodoro, panzanella, beans… but if you will use it for cooking, you will find that it will make all your creations special – try it!

Starting from 2018 we have obtained the “Organic certification” for our extra virgin olive oil: since the production started, we only use 100% natural methods and do not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides nor any another type of chemical or artificial aid. The olives, after they have been hand-picked, are taken quickly to the near Frantoio Setteponti where they are crushed on their own.

The EVO is sold in 1 liter bottles and 5 liters cans.